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The Settlement

News was released on September 18, 2018 stating that Visa, MasterCard, and the Defendant Banks have officially reached a new settlement on interchange fees. Definitive terms and timing of a finally approved agreement and claims process are to be determined. Stay tuned, as we continue our research and due diligence in preparation for filing claims on behalf of our clients.

Official Court-authorized settlement website

MCAG is not the Settlement/Class Administrator. For additional information on the case, the Settlement, filing a claim on your own, and your rights from the Class Administrator, please visit the Official Court-authorized settlement website at www.paymentcardsettlement.com.

About MCAG

MCAG is an expert at identifying and recovering non-traditional high margin revenue for all types of organizations from class action settlements. We have experience and credibility in getting the most for your claim with the least effort on your part. Clients have received hundreds of millions of dollars from settlement funds via our Settlement Recovery Service (SRS).