Enrollment Form

Once you begin the enrollment process, you are not able to save the form and return to it later. So, if you have multiple locations and merchant IDs (MIDs), we suggest that you compile all necessary documentation before beginning the enrollment process. For each MID, we’ll ask for the applicable business name, address, tax ID, payment processor name, and approximate dates with the processor.

If you do not want to spend the time entering all of this information now, you can simply enroll your primary location and download a template for your additional information to be uploaded later. Clicking here will redirect you to the location where you can download the template and upload it once it is completed.

Service Fees

MCAG simply retains a percentage of any recoveries they obtain on your behalf. The fee for clients of is 30% of recoveries. Services include all the necessary data analysis, document preparation, claims filing, recovery and reconciliation for enrolled customers. If no money is recovered for your organization from the Settlement, then MCAG will not charge or retain a fee.

Enrollment Form

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